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The role of the carer

If you are one of Britain’s seven millon unpaid carers, you role will involve looking after a relative or friend who is unable to manage at home because they may be:

  • Elderly and/or frail
  • A child or an adult with physical/ learning disabilities
  • A person suffering from depression, anxiety or other long-term mental illness

How may the caring role affect you

Caring for another person, no matter how much you may love them, can be a lonely and stressful experience. You may often have feelings of:

  • Anger
  • Sadness
  • Detachment
  •  Guilt

You may find yourself suffering with more aches and pains because of the extra lifting involved and you may also feel exhausted coping with the extra workload. All this may in turn make you vulnerable to illness and infection yourself.

If you are worried about your own health please arrange an appointment with your GP. Make sure that your GP knows that you are a Carer

Feelings and emotions

Caring can bring about many strong and unwanted feelings and emotions. There is no fixed pattern as to how your feelings may develop and there are no right or wrong answers on how to deal with your emotions. The situation is different for everyone but it is important to know that there are people who are willing to help.

What help is available?

A visit to your GP should lead you in the direction of further help.  South Somerset has its own Carers Support Worker. For help, advice, information or just a sympathetic chat on any aspect of being a carer, please contact:

Somerset Direct
0845 345 9133

If you would like to speak to someone informally at the surgery, please talk with our Carers Champion who will be pleased to help you.

Carers register

So that you GP knows that you are a carer when you visit him/her at the surgery, we would be grateful if you could complete a carers identification form available from our reception.

The information will then be recorded confidentially on your notes and will not be disclosed to any other person or organisation without your permission.

Being a carer can be a very demanding role.  If you feel you need help, please ask.  There are people/organisations available who may be able to ease your burden.

Caring for someone with Dementia?

Somerset Dementia Wellbeing Service is a local source of help  and information.   Visit their website: or use the…

 The Somerset Dementia Connect Phoneline    01458 251541

The Somerset Dementia Connect Phoneline provides quick, convenient access to the Somerset Dementia Wellbeing Service’s Dementia Support Workers (provided by the Alzheimer’s Society). The team can offer information and practical guidance to help people understand the condition, cope with day-to-day challenges and prepare for the future. They also work with Somerset NHS Foundation Trust’s Memory Assessment Service to provide quick answers to clinical questions.

This phone line is open to people with dementia and their carers, clinicians and anybody who needs access to trusted, reliable localised information about dementia in Somerset.


Other useful telephone numbers

Surgery 01460 52354
Dispensary 01460 53049
District Nurses 0300 323 0023
Somerset Direct 0845 354 9133
Age Concern 01823 423497
Care First Counselling Service 0800 197 4516

Useful Websites

Summervale Surgery Carers Leaflet

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