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Medication Reviews

Medication Reviews

For patients taking prescribed medication, we may need to review this periodically to ensure your medication is still right for you.

A medicines review is a meeting with a doctor, pharmacist or nurse to talk about your medicines.

Why are medicines reviews needed?

When you are first prescribed a medicine, a doctor, pharmacist and/or nurse checks that it is the
best medicine for you. However, things can change, for example:

  • You might have developed a side effect from the medicine.
  • Your health might have changed, such as developing a long-term condition.
  • You might have started taking other additional medicines.
  • The guidelines for treating your condition might have changed.
  • You may be taking a large number of medications (known as “polypharmacy”).
  • A medication you are on may be no longer essential for your health day to day.

All of these factors can affect whether a medicine remains the best choice for you.

Structured Medication Reviews

A small number of patients will be invited to a Structured Medication Review with our PCN  Pharmacist here at the practice.

A Structured Medicine Review (SMR) is a comprehensive review of a patient’s medication, taking into consideration all aspects of their health.   It’s also a great opportunity for patients to ask questions about the medications they take – prescription or otherwise.

So, if you receive a letter from us inviting you to a Structured Medication Review, please do get in touch with Reception to book.  It’s a fantastic opportunity to ensure you are getting the most from your medicines!